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We offer the finest service for the cleaning of Rugs in South Devon.

Welcome to our rug cleaning page, you’ll find some useful information here that will help you look after your rugs and get them cleaned professionally. Whether you have a machine made rug or a hand made knotted type, we are fully trained and experienced to clean all types and shapes!

Rugs are very different to carpets, they are often made with fragile wools or silks, care needs to taken to ensure they come back to you looking like new again.

A common problem can be the dyes used to colour rugs, they have a nasty habit of running into each other causing permanent damage when cleaned by the inexperienced cleaner, for these reasons we always test them thoroughly first and will show you any potential problems.

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The Do’s…

Lightly vacuum the back and front of the rug once a week – try to miss the fringes.

Use anti-slip mats to hold them down.

Beat the rug once a year over a line to remove dust and dirt.

Comb or brush out fringes using a broad brush.

The Do Not’s…

Use supermarket cleaners on rugs…

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