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Q. Why choose us?


  • As a family business we carry out the work and do not employ technicians.
  • We always arrive on time or will let you know.
  • The solutions we use are environmentally friendly.
  • The price we give you is the price you pay – no hidden extras.
  • We access the right process every time for the cleaning of your items.
  • We will give you a free quote over the email/phone or at your home or business.
  • Fully trained and uniformed staff.

Q. How long will my carpets/sofas take to dry?

A. Dry times depend on a number of variables.

  • The length of carpet fibres/pile.
  • The amount of moisture in the air.
  • The type of cleaning method we use.
  • The amount of dirt in the carpet.

For an average carpet with medium soiling you could expect your carpet to be dry within 1 hour.

On the day we clean your carpet, we will advise you on dry times and the best ways to help the carpet or sofas to dry quicker.

Q. Do you charge per hour or per job?

Before we do anything we give you a fixed price.

Some of our customers like a price on the phone, some like us to come round and give them a quote at their home or business.

You can click here for a link to receive a quote.

Q. What are your working hours?

A. 7am until 6pm.

We will go out of our way to meet your requirements and work nights or evenings if required.

Q. What payment do you accept?

A. We prefer cash or cheque on the day.

We can also take most cards if needed.

Q. Will I have move my furniture out for carpet cleaning?

A. No. Normally we move sofas etc to one side of the room and clean half a room at a time. All we ask is if you can move small items before we clean, small tables etc. Any expensive items that could fall will obviously help us if moved as well.

If in doubt, please ring us too discuss your situation.

Q. Are you fully trained?

We take cleaning very seriously and take courses every year, this keeps us up to date with the latest methods and cleaning standards you expect. We also attend many cleaning shows through out the UK to look for new methods and techniques.

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